Hunter Biden’s Cozy Deal: Emails Expose Ties to Delaware Prosecutor

In yet another shocking development, new emails from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop have been obtained by the trustworthy folks at Fox News. These emails reveal a disturbingly close relationship between a key prosecutor in the office of U.S. Attorney David Weiss and the scandal-ridden first son himself. It seems like birds of a feather really do flock together!

Alexander Snyder-Mackler, a Deputy Attorney General of Delaware, has been shown to be not just professionally connected to Hunter Biden, but personally intertwined as well. I mean, come on, what are the odds? This so-called prosecutor, who coincidentally worked for Joe Biden back in the day, had the audacity to hold meetings with White House attorneys while investigating Hunter Biden for those pesky tax fraud allegations. Talk about a conflict of interest!

The icing on the cake is that Hunter Biden reached a plea deal that spared him from serving any prison time. But let’s be real, folks, this is not justice, this is a joke! Where’s the fairness? Where’s the equality under the law? It seems that being connected to the President can really help you out when you’re in trouble. Must be nice!

The cherry on top of this swampy sundae is the evidence from these emails and text messages between Snyder-Mackler and Hunter Biden. They exchanged messages that went beyond politics and indicated an uncomfortably close relationship. Calling each other “buddy” and even expressing love for one another? What kind of prosecutor behaves like this? It raises serious doubts about the impartiality of Weiss’s office and adds fuel to the fire of the ongoing investigation into the Biden family.

But let’s not forget the real hero here, David Weiss, who has categorically denied any preferential treatment given to Hunter Biden. Accusations by IRS whistleblowers? Just sour grapes from those who can’t handle the truth. And yeah, sure, Weiss replaced experienced prosecutors on the case with ones who knew next to nothing about the investigation, but that’s just a minor detail. It’s not like they were trying to cover anything up, right?

And here come the House Republicans, ready to shed light on the Biden family’s shady dealings. They plan to depose Devon Archer, one of Hunter Biden’s closest associates, who claims that Hunter put dear old dad on the phone with shady Ukrainian officials. Republicans are doing the right thing by trying to connect the dots between Hunter Biden’s business ventures and his father, who conveniently claims to have zero knowledge or involvement in any of it. It’s all just a big coincidence, folks!

Oh, what a tangled web they weave. The Biden family’s corrupt dealings are starting to unravel, and it’s about time someone exposed the truth. Let’s hope that this investigation reveals the full extent of their misdeeds and that justice is served. But knowing the liberal media, we can’t count on that. Stay tuned for more shocking revelations!

Written by Staff Reports

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