Trump Flays Feeble House Republicans for Biden’s Free Pass!

In his speech on the Truth Social platform, Trump criticized House Republicans for not being tough enough when it came to impeaching Joe Biden. He noted that the actions of the Democrats during his time in office were different from those of the Republicans.

In response to the Democrats' actions, Trump released a statement saying that, “Let's get this straight. After making a PERFECT phone call, I was Impeached by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, who are now investigating me for their illegal and ongoing Witch Hunt. Also, Joe Biden, who has been stealing and extorting millions of dollars from the taxpayers, won't be Impeached nor prosecuted by the Republicans. This seems very fair to me.”

It is clear that Trump is still not happy with how the legal system handled his impeachment proceedings. He noted that he was twice impeached in 2019 and 2021. He also claimed that his call with the Ukrainian president was flawless even though he was facing charges.

During a town hall with Sean Hannity on Monday, Trump criticized the House Republican majority for not impeaching Joe Biden due to his financial ties to China. He also noted that the former vice president was getting millions of dollars in illegal payments.

The pressure on House Republicans to impeach Joe Biden is growing. Last week, Jim Jordan was criticized after he refused to commit to impeaching either Biden or Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland despite the evidence of corruption that Trump has presented. Also, in a testimony to Congress, Joseph Ziegler, an IRS Whistleblower, revealed that the Biden family was allegedly receiving millions of dollars in bribes from countries such as China and Romania. According to Rudy Giuliani, the evidence against Biden is the strongest that he has seen.

Trump's message is clear, Republicans must act now, and they should hold Biden accountable for what he did. It's not yet clear if they will follow suit and impeach him.

Written by Staff Reports

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