Hunter Biden’s Houdini Act Dodges Oversight Spotlight

The House Oversight Committee is taking a stand against the shady business dealings of President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Despite Hunter Biden’s attorneys squawking for a public hearing to defend their questionable actions, Hunter is nowhere to be found when the spotlight is on him. What’s he trying to hide?

Not only did Hunter snub his nose at the demands for a public hearing, but he also begged and pleaded for it. And yet, when push comes to shove, he’s nowhere to be found. It’s a real shame that Congress didn’t hold Hunter in contempt for his no-show. After all, Americans have a right to know just how Hunter used his daddy’s fame and influence to further his own greed.

And let’s not even get started on the rest of the Biden clan. The whole family is just downright repugnant, and we can’t get them out of the picture quick enough. They’re like a stain you can’t scrub out.

To add to the circus, Hunter previously weaseled his way out of a subpoena and then had the nerve to show up for closed-door testimony. And back in December, he made a grand show of his indignation in front of the media before skedaddling out of there. It’s clear that Hunter is just as skilled at ghosting court appearances as he is at lining his pockets with dirty deals.

During the Oversight Committee hearing, former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski bravely stepped forward to blow the whistle on the corruption, lies, and sleazy politicking that the Bidens have been up to. But of course, the Democrats couldn’t help themselves and continuously interrupted his opening statements. It’s like they’re afraid of the truth or something. Can’t they just let the man speak? It’s clear that the Democrats are more concerned with covering their tracks than getting to the bottom of this Biden mess. Shameful!

Written by Staff Reports

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