Manhattan Liberals Push for Gender-Bending Sports Chaos!

The libtards in Manhattan are up to their usual nonsense again, folks! The school board for the biggest district in Manhattan thought it was a good idea to pass a resolution asking the New York City Department of Education to think about banning athletes from playing on sports teams that don’t match their biological sex. What a wacky idea! Can you believe it?

The resolution, put forward by the Community Education Council District 2, squeaked by with an 8-3 vote. But let’s be real here, the bigwigs at the city level aren’t likely to give it the time of day. Chancellor David Banks even had the nerve to call the move “despicable.” Can you imagine?

This whole thing is being championed by Maud Maron, a Democrat, who’s co-sponsored the resolution. She’s blabbing on about starting a discussion about letting boys compete in girls’ sports and throwing around words like “parental input.” Give me a break! We all know what they’re really trying to do here.

But wait, it gets better. The Manhattan school district big shots are also griping about not knowing how the decision to swap out “sex” with “gender identity” in the 2019 guidelines was made. They want transparency from the city. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy!

The resolution doesn’t outright call for banning boys from playing in girls’ sports, but Maron has been yammering on about it in the past, so we all know where she stands. And to top it off, the president of the Manhattan school district council, Leonard Silverman, is all wishy-washy about the whole thing, saying he doubts it’ll make a difference at the city level. What a bunch of baloney!

And of course, the New York City Department of Education had to chime in with their two cents, releasing a statement reiterating that at their schools, every student can play sports according to their gender identity, and they won’t exclude anyone based on that. Give me a break!

But hey, let’s not forget about Nassau County, where they’re actually taking a stand against this madness. Executive Bruce Blakeman signed an order blocking female sports teams from letting males join in the fun. He ain’t putting up with any of that nonsense in Nassau County, and we could use a lot more leaders like him!

The bottom line is, folks, this whole resolution in Manhattan is just a big steaming pile of liberal hogwash. It’s a good thing there are still some folks out there, like Executive Blakeman, who aren’t afraid to stand up for common sense and decency. Keep fighting the good fight, Bruce!

Written by Staff Reports

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