Hunter Biden’s Tax Dance Ends in Felony Frenzy!

On Thursday, CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Pérez and CNN Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig flapped their gums on “The Source” about Hunter Biden’s tax woes. The two cheeseheads yammered on about how Hunter Biden was this close to getting off the hook with just a slap on the wrist for his tax shenanigans. But then, oh boy, a judge asked a few questions and suddenly, Hunter Biden found himself in a big ol’ mess of felony trouble.

Pérez bellyached about how this whole situation must be a real thorn in Hunter Biden’s side. He whined that Hunter was on the verge of sweeping his tax mess under the rug with a puny little misdemeanor deal. But nope, the judge had to go and ruin the party by asking some pesky questions. Hunter’s lawyer ended up blurting out that there was no longer a deal in place, and boom, now Hunter is in the hot seat.

Honig chimed in, blabbering about how the stakes are sky-high now that Hunter is facing felony charges. He moaned about how the original deal that fell apart would have only pinned Hunter with a misdemeanor for not paying his taxes. But now, thanks to the new indictment, Hunter is in deep water with three felonies for evasion and fraud. Honig moaned on and on about how serious it is now, and how if Hunter gets convicted, they’ll be tossing the key and throwing away the key.

Overall, it sounds like Hunter Biden’s tax troubles went from a little bump in the road to a full-blown car crash. But hey, when you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned!

Written by Staff Reports

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