Hunter’s World Tour: Riding Dad’s Coattails to 13 Countries!

Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, seems to have quite the travel bug! A recent investigation by Fox News Digital has uncovered that Hunter visited a whopping 13 countries while he was running his old company, Rosemont Seneca Partners. And guess who he was often accompanied by? That’s right, his dear old dad!

During one of their trips, Hunter suggested a meeting with Serbian state officials, joining his father on an official journey to Belgium and Spain. Now, one might think that it’s just a father-and-son bonding moment, but hold on! Hunter didn’t even have a specific investment pitch in mind. It seems like he was just looking for opportunities to discuss his company. Talk about nepotism at its finest!

To make matters even more interesting, Hunter requested Secret Service protection during a trip to Belgium while his father was visiting. It’s as if he wanted to ride the coattails of the Biden name and enjoy the perks of being a part of the “Biden brand.” And let’s not forget about his close relationship with Serbian diplomat Vuk Jeremic, who had previously introduced Hunter’s company to potential partners in Mexico and China. It’s always good to have powerful friends in high places, right?

But wait, there’s more! Hunter accompanied his father on trips to Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa. And during a conference in Germany, Joe Biden even mentioned his son in his speech, talking about the importance of competition with China. It seems like Hunter had the perfect opportunity to promote his own business interests while his dad was on the world stage. Coincidence? We think not.

And let’s not forget about Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm that Hunter was involved with. His former business associate revealed that Joe Biden was frequently involved in over 20 business discussions. Hunter would even put him on speakerphone to promote “the brand.” It’s clear that the Biden family name played a significant role in the success of their ventures.

In December 2015, Burisma desperately sought Hunter’s assistance in influencing Washington DC regarding a Ukrainian prosecutor. They wanted to expand their operations in America and even considered getting listed on the New York Stock Exchange. But the key to their aspirations? Separating themselves from an ongoing case in Ukraine. And who better to help them with that than the son of the man who was then Vice President?

It’s hard to ignore the potential conflicts of interest and the blatant leveraging of the Biden name for personal gain. The Biden brand seems to have opened doors and provided opportunities for Hunter that he may not have had otherwise. It’s a prime example of how political power can be used to benefit one’s family. And given Joe Biden’s own presidential aspirations, it raises concerns about what other doors might have been opened for Hunter if his dad were to become the leader of the free world.

In conclusion, the travels of Hunter Biden and his proximity to his father during official trips have raised serious questions about potential conflicts of interest and the abuse of political power. It’s clear that the Biden family brand has been a valuable asset, opening doors and opportunities around the world. As taxpayers, it’s important to hold our elected officials accountable and demand transparency when it comes to their family’s business dealings. The American people deserve to know that their leaders are acting in their best interests, not their own.

Written by Staff Reports

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