Hutchinson Faces Public Fury Over Trump Remarks: Crowd Chants ‘Go Home’!

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who can’t even get a single percent of support in some Republican presidential primary polls, was met with resounding boos in Florida on Saturday after he had the audacity to suggest that former President Donald Trump might actually face legal consequences. Poor Hutchinson just can’t seem to read the room, as he delivered a pathetic campaign speech at the Florida GOP’s annual Freedom Summit in Kissimmee. The guy is like a lost puppy, desperately trying to gain some traction in a race that he’s already completely lost.

Hutchinson, who barely registers on the polling radar with only 0.5 percent of Republicans supporting him, seemed to relish in the idea that Trump could be facing serious legal troubles. In his speech, he gleefully predicted that Trump would be found guilty of a felony next year. But let’s be honest, does anyone really believe that nonsense? The crowd certainly didn’t buy it. They expressed their outrage at the use of the justice system to go after the GOP frontrunner. And boy, did they let Hutchinson know how they felt.

The boos were so loud that it was hard to even hear the rest of Hutchinson’s droning on about the “rule of law.” One person even shouted, “Go home!” And you know what, that’s exactly what Hutchinson should do. He should just pack it up and call it a day. Because no one in their right mind is going to support a candidate who thinks they can gain popularity by hoping their opponent goes to jail. It’s a pathetic and delusional strategy that reeks of desperation. Hutchinson and his fellow anti-Trump candidate, Chris Christie, are just waiting in the wings, hoping that their dreams of Trump’s imprisonment will come true. But those dreams are never going to materialize. It’s time for Hutchinson to face reality and accept that he has absolutely no chance of winning a GOP primary, just like the ghost of Karl Marx.

The GOP is moving forward, leaving the old guard behind. Conservatives are fed up with politicians like Hutchinson who want to replace them with illegal immigrants and send their sons off to fight in foreign wars. No number of Trump indictments is going to change that. Hutchinson is out-of-touch and out-of-step with the conservative movement. It’s time for him to step aside and make way for candidates who actually understand and represent the values of the party.

Written by Staff Reports

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