Fact Check: Is Israel Really Using White Phosphorus in Gaza? Shocking Truth Revealed!

False Social Media Image Claims Israel is Bombarding Gaza with White Phosphorus

In the midst of the ongoing Hamas-Israeli conflict, social media is abuzz with false claims and misleading images. One such image, purportedly showing Israel bombarding Gaza with white phosphorus, has been making the rounds. However, a fact check reveals that this image is not only inaccurate, but it also predates the current conflict.

According to Reuters, the Israeli Government has firmly rejected calls for a ceasefire until their hostages are returned. In fact, the Israeli Defense Force has even signaled that their operations in Gaza will intensify. With tensions escalating, it’s no wonder that false information is being spread.

The Twitter post in question shows a photo with streaks of light in the sky, implying that white phosphorus is being dispersed over Gaza. The caption reads, “Israeli army continues bombarding Gaza with the prohibited white phosphorus.” However, this caption is completely off the mark. The image in question actually dates back to March 2018 and depicts the Russian-backed Syrian government launching white phosphorus incendiaries in Eastern Ghouta, as reported by Human Rights Watch.

It’s worth noting that during the same conflict in Syria, Russia was accused of using white phosphorus as well. The Independent reported on an incident near Aleppo where it seemed that Russian forces deployed this controversial weapon against rebel forces. However, the Israeli Defense Force has vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing that they are “unequivocally false.” Moreover, Palestinian media has shared photos of white smoke plumes, claiming it to be evidence of the chemical being used.

This is not the first instance of misinformation circulating during the Israeli-Hamas conflict. Check Your Fact, a fact-checking organization, recently debunked a claim about a video allegedly showing Israeli troops fighting with Hamas. It’s clear that in times of conflict, misinformation can easily spread. As we continue to navigate this tense situation, it’s crucial to approach all information with a critical eye and rely on verified sources.

Written by Staff Reports

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