If You Think a Man Can Be a Woman, Your ‘Science’ Is Fiction

Isn't it fascinating how the same folks who want us to trust "the science" are the ones telling us that a man can magically become a woman? It's like living in a bizarre fantasy world where basic biology is thrown out the window. Let's get real here.

Science has always been about facts and evidence. But now, we're expected to believe that gender is just a social construct that can be changed with the wave of a hand. It's not just absurd; it's an insult to our intelligence. Men have XY chromosomes, and women have XX chromosomes—this isn't rocket science; it's basic high school biology.

These so-called "experts" want us to ignore thousands of years of human understanding and common sense. They push an agenda that defies logic and expects us to go along with it without question. Sorry, but that's not how real science works. Real science doesn't cater to feelings or political correctness.

The next time someone lectures you about trusting the science, ask them if they believe a man can become a woman. If they do, it's safe to say their version of "science" is more about ideology than reality. Let's stand firm in our understanding of biological truths and not get swept away by the current of absurdity.

Written by Staff Reports

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