Incompetent Counsel Bungles Again: Snubs Brady Rule in Trump Case!

Special Counsel Jack Smith, a man who seems to have an uncanny ability to trip over his own shoelaces, has once again found himself in a sticky situation. It has come to light that Smith’s team failed to fulfill their legal obligation of turning over evidence to the Trump legal team. The evidence in question pertains to Smith’s initial indictment of Trump regarding the possession of documents, not the recent indictment related to January 6th.

In a surprising twist, Smith’s team admitted in court that they had neglected to provide the Trump legal team with CCTV footage from Mar-a-Lago. They claimed that the footage had not been processed and uploaded for the defense’s viewing pleasure. This blunder directly violates the Brady rule, which mandates that the government disclose all exculpatory evidence to the defense. Clearly, Smith’s team missed the memo on that one.

But the madness doesn’t stop there. Smith’s team then had the audacity to attempt to limit the defense’s access to the footage by imposing a time constraint. How generous of them! Journalist Julie Kelly aptly pointed out the absurdity of this move, questioning why Smith’s team would accuse Trump of moving classified documents for over a year but then only allow the defense to view a few days’ worth of footage. It seems like they’ve lost their marbles.

To make matters worse, Smith’s team also confessed that they had misrepresented the fact that they possessed all the CCTV footage during a previous court hearing. It’s almost comical how incompetent they are. Clearly, Smith’s team has a knack for conveniently forgetting important details and distorting the truth.

In a deliciously ironic turn of events, Smith, the man who accuses Trump of failing to turn over documents to the proper authorities, can’t seem to keep his own ship from leaking. His department has been unlawfully leaking documents, materials, and information to news outlets. It’s a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.” Perhaps Smith should focus on plugging the leaks in his own ship before casting stones at others.

Former governor Bob McDonnell, who was unjustly targeted by Smith’s overzealous prosecution in the past, has some choice words for the Special Counsel. McDonnell describes Smith as someone who prioritizes winning over getting it right. It appears that Smith’s questionable decision-making extends beyond his previous cases and into his current ones. The Supreme Court even unanimously rebuked his prosecution of McDonnell, further cementing Smith’s reputation as a prosecutor who values victory over justice.

In conclusion, Jack Smith’s latest blunders and misrepresentations are a glaring display of incompetence and bias. It’s no wonder that Trump’s legal team has reason to be wary of Smith and his tactics. Perhaps it’s time for Smith to step aside and let someone with a better grasp of the law and a genuine dedication to justice take the reins.

Written by Staff Reports

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