Trump Indictment #3: Free Speech Under Fire – Libs Desperate to Silence!

After being indicted for violating his free speech rights, Donald Trump found himself in trouble for exercising those rights. It is believed that being wrong or disagreeing with one's opinion is now considered a crime in the United States. Although Trump himself claimed that there was some humor in the presidential election of 2020, liberal elites decided that only their own opinions are relevant.

Fellow conservatives, don't worry; legal experts are already dissecting the indictment. Jonathan Turley, a law professor, has pointed out the questionable record of the special counsel, who is Jack Smith. He was involved in a case against Bob McDonnell, a former governor of Virginia, which the Supreme Court eventually overturned.

The New York Times is incapable of reporting impartially. Maggie Haberman, the newspaper's correspondent, has become known for her relentless criticism of Donald Trump. Her coverage has been met with both the Right and Left's disdain. Her claim that the president is "rattled" by the indictment is simply not true. Trump is a resilient individual, and this has not been an easy time for him.

Trump has already been charged with multiple crimes, so it shouldn't surprise that a third indictment would follow. The first one, which was brought by the Manhattan District Attorney, was a political hit job. It was aimed at damaging his reputation. It's no wonder Trump is not fazed by the latest charges against him. The other legal groups working against him will continue to fight until he is brought down.

It's unlikely that Trump is rattled by the indictment. He has endured a lot of abuse from the liberal media, the intelligence community, and even corrupt officials at the Department of Justice and FBI. Despite his anger, Trump will not be deterred, and he and his supporters will continue to fight against the witch hunt.

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