InfoWars Host Vanishes: Shroyer’s Lawyer Raises Alarm on Dark Mystery

InfoWars host Owen Shroyer has seemingly vanished into a “blackhole” ever since he was sentenced to two months in prison for his alleged involvement in the January 6 protest. According to his lawyer, Norm Pattis, Shroyer has been placed in solitary confinement until at least November 28. Due to this, his normal privileges have been revoked, and he can only communicate through mail. Despite spending 23 hours a day in lockdown, Shroyer reportedly remains in high spirits, claiming he is “as mentally strong as ever.”

Pattis expressed his frustration with the prison system, stating that his attempts to inquire about Shroyer’s well-being have gone unanswered. He even shared his disbelief at the requests made by prison officials, starting with needing to confirm his identity and subsequently asking for his bar card and driver’s license. Pattis criticized the prison system for its “Orwellian” treatment of Shroyer.

In an effort to uncover the truth about Shroyer’s situation, his lawyer reached out to Speaker Mike Johnson for assistance. Shroyer’s X account highlighted that there were several weeks where he couldn’t speak to his lawyer, raising concerns about his overall condition.

Shroyer was placed in solitary confinement following the release of a recorded phone call made by him from prison. In the call, Shroyer expressed his hope to maintain his radio show from inside the federal prison. Pattis suggested that Shroyer’s punishment could be a result of his free speech, adding to the mounting concerns about the treatment of political prisoners.

Support for Shroyer poured in from various conservative figures, including Donald Trump Jr., who criticized the government’s unchecked power and advocated for putting a stop to this dystopian behavior. Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong also condemned Shroyer’s mistreatment in prison, stating that none of it is warranted.

In a related video, Representative Matt Gaetz unleashed his anger against the treatment of January 6 political prisoners, further highlighting the growing frustration and disapproval from conservative circles regarding Shroyer’s situation.

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