Iran Attacks Israel, Plot Largely Foiled with Ally Support

Over the weekend, Iran carried out a direct attack on Israel, but Israel, with the help of its Western and Arab allies, was able to stop the attack. The Iranian regime had hinted at this attack and then publicly announced it was over, which led some to think it was just a show to save face in response to Israel’s successful strike against Iranian military leaders in Syria. Iran’s state television even aired footage of a previous fire in Texas, trying to make it look like a victory. However, most of the damage from Iran’s missile and drone attack actually occurred in Iran due to failures and misfires.

Iran’s proxies have been attacking and killing Israelis and Americans in the region for months. The attack from Iran was significant and complex, as reported by Gen. Kellogg, who was the chief of staff of the National Security Council under President Trump. Despite limited damage, it was a substantial attack that aimed to penetrate Israel’s defenses and cause harm.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pointed out that when faced with multiple attacks, simply intercepting them is not a victory. He emphasized the importance of exacting a price to deter further aggression from Iran. Bennett also highlighted the Iranian regime’s history of wreaking havoc through its proxies in the region and called for a change in approach to holding Iran accountable for its actions.

The Biden administration, which has been pressuring Israel over its defensive actions against Hamas in Gaza, reportedly instructed Israel not to respond to the Iranian attack. It seems that Israel may heed this directive, much to the dismay of many who believe a strong response is necessary.

Some groups, including CAIR, have blamed Israel for Iran’s attack and have called for de-escalation, despite the fact that Iran was the aggressor. CAIR’s history of supporting extremist and terrorist actions casts doubt on the sincerity of their statements.

Overall, the attack from Iran and the response from Israel and its allies demonstrate the ongoing threat posed by the Iranian regime and its proxies. The alliance between anti-American Islamist zealots and left-wing radicals also highlights the complex and dangerous dynamics at play in the region

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