IRS Reveals: DC and California Prosecutors Shrug Off Hunter Biden Case!

In a closed-door interview with the House Ways and Means Committee, former IRS special agent Darrell Waldon revealed more roadblocks that special counsel David Weiss faced in his attempt to bring charges against Hunter Biden. Waldon spoke about various challenges he witnessed during his time on the case, including the removal of whistleblower Gary Shapley and his team from the investigation.

Waldon confirmed that Weiss approached the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but they did not agree to prosecute the case in Washington, D.C. The case was then presented to the Central District of California. Waldon stated that he didn’t find the meeting as contentious as Shapley described it, although there were differences of opinion. He also disagreed with Shapley’s claim of political bias hindering the investigation.

Waldon, who took a supervisory role on the case in April 2021, heard from Shapley about investigative steps that were allegedly blocked. He believed in the strength of the case and would have agreed if it had gone to the Central District of California. Another IRS agent, Michael Batdorf, also testified that Joe Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys in Washington, D.C., and California declined to partner with Weiss on charges, causing significant delays.

The tension between Weiss and Shapley ultimately led to Shapley’s removal from the investigative team. Waldon recommended his removal to move the investigation forward. Both Waldon and Batdorf felt that Shapley’s presence might dissuade Weiss from advancing the case.

In May, Shapley raised concerns about the discovery requests from the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office, calling it a fishing expedition. However, Waldon and Batdorf disagreed with this characterization. While some Justice Department officials argued that seeking permission from another U.S. attorney is standard practice, it contradicted Attorney General Merrick Garland’s previous statement that Weiss had all the necessary authority. The situation only seemed to change after Weiss requested a special counsel appointment.

This testimony from Waldon, along with previous testimony from other officials, raises questions about the handling of the Hunter Biden investigation and the possible influence of political bias. It is crucial for Congress to delve further into these issues to ensure a fair and impartial investigation.

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