Pelosi Rejected Troop Deployment Pre-January 6, Ex-Capitol Police Chief Reveals

In a surprising turn of events, it appears that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might actually have some blame to bear for the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Critics of Donald Trump have long tried to paint him as solely responsible for the chaos that unfolded that day, but according to the former chief of the United States Capitol Police, Steven A. Sund, Pelosi is deserving of blame as well.

During Sund’s testimony before the House Administration Oversight subcommittee, he revealed that he had spoken with House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger on January 3, 2021, about calling in the National Guard. It was Maj. Gen. William Walker, the commander of the National Guard in Washington, D.C., who advised Sund to speak with.

However, Sund claimed that Stenger later informed him that Pelosi didn’t want soldiers deployed on Capitol Hill on January 6. It seems that Pelosi was more concerned with her own political agenda than with the safety of the Capitol and its occupants. It’s a shame that politics had to come before the well-being of our law enforcement officers.

And it’s not just Sund who is making these allegations. Former President Donald Trump also had a similar message, stating in an interview that he had asked Pelosi for the National Guard to be present three days in advance, but she turned it down. It seems that Pelosi would rather play political games than ensure the security of the Capitol.

This revelation raises serious questions about Pelosi’s leadership and priorities. She demanded that Sund step down immediately following the riot, but perhaps it’s time for her to take some responsibility as well. There was a failure at the top of the Capitol Police, and it seems that Pelosi played a role in that failure.

It’s clear that the blame for the January 6 riot cannot be placed solely on Donald Trump. There were multiple failures and miscommunications within the Capitol Police, and Pelosi’s alleged refusal to have soldiers deployed certainly didn’t help matters. It’s time to hold all parties accountable and get to the bottom of what truly happened that day.

Written by Staff Reports

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