ISIS-Linked Smuggling Network Brings 400 Illegal Immigrants to US

A recent report from the Department of Homeland Security, as relayed by unnamed U.S. officials to NBC, has unveiled a disturbing revelation – 400 illegal immigrants from southeast Asia, smuggled into the country by an ISIS-linked human trafficking network, have made their way through the southern border, with over 50 of them now missing in the United States.

The focus on immigrants from Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Tajikistan comes after ISIS and its affiliates have been carrying out terror attacks in Russia. Thousands of illegal immigrants from these nations are already in the U.S., awaiting the Biden administration’s decision on their status.

The connection to ISIS was a cause for concern for authorities, prompting heightened caution and efforts to mitigate potential risks. While none of the 400 individuals were on terror watch lists, the fact that they were brought in by a network linked to ISIS-K has raised alarms.

Despite some arrests and deportations among the 400 individuals, including efforts by ICE to locate the missing ones, none have been charged with terror-related offenses yet. The Biden administration officials stress that law enforcement is not in panic mode over the situation, indicating that efforts are being made to locate and address the concerns posed by these individuals.

The ongoing warnings from FBI Chief Christopher Wray about the elevated threat of terror attacks by foreign-born individuals emphasize the severity of the situation. Instances like the Afghan immigrant Mohammad Kharwin, who slipped through despite being on a terror watch list, highlight the challenges faced by border authorities.

Critics point to bureaucratic mishaps and lax border policies under the Biden administration as contributing factors to such security risks. The narrative of intentional destruction and negligence in handling immigration matters is gaining traction among those concerned about national security implications.

Written by Staff Reports

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