Israel-Hamas Warfare: See Who Emerged From the Darkness!

In the latest episode of “Middle East Madness,” tensions have escalated between Israel and Hamas, leading to a new war. The hostilities began when the Israel Defense Forces uncovered a dastardly plot by Palestinian terrorists to launch a mass attack from the Gaza Strip. And guess what? The attack was launched on Shabbat and the religious holiday Simchat Torah. Talk about bad manners!

It didn’t take long for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to swing into action. He swiftly declared a state of war and ordered a mass mobilization of the army reserves. Meanwhile, back in the United States, the Biden administration was as silent as a church mouse. Coincidence? We think not!

Finally, after some prodding, President Joe Biden decided to break his silence and condemn Hamas’ assault on Israel. Better late than never, right? He assured Netanyahu that the U.S. is ready to offer all necessary support to Israel and reiterated America’s unwavering commitment to the security of our Middle Eastern ally. Way to go, Mr. President!

But the condemnation didn’t stop there. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also chimed in, slamming Hamas’ attack on Israel and expressing solidarity with the Israeli government and people. He made it crystal clear that there is no justification for terrorism. Bravo, Blinken!

Unfortunately, the casualties on both sides continue to rise. At least 40 people have died in Israel, with over 700 injured, while in Gaza, the numbers are more devastating, with 160 killed and over a thousand injured. War is never pretty, but the blame lies squarely with the Palestinian militants who fired over 2,200 rockets at Israel. Hamas claims they fired a whopping 5,000 rockets, but who’s counting?

This is a critical moment for Israel, and our prayers go out to them. It’s time to stand strong and show our unwavering support for our ally in their fight against terrorism. Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing conflict.

Written by Staff Reports

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