Iran’s Prideful Puppetry: Tehran’s Terror Grip Exposed & Biden Plays Blind

As the world reels from the horrific and deadly attacks unleashed by Hamas terrorists, it’s high time we ask ourselves: how on earth are these terrorists able to carry out such heinous acts? Well, folks, the answer is clear as daylight. It’s none other than Iran, the chief troublemaker in the Middle East.

Even the Iranian officials couldn’t resist boasting about their involvement in these attacks on their beloved social media platforms. They practically shouted from the rooftops, “Hey world, look at us! We’re responsible for this madness!”

But the grandstanding didn’t end there. Both Hamas and Hezbollah, two terrorist organizations that could rival each other in a “Who Loves Iran More” competition, shamelessly bragged about the support they receive from the Iranian regime. It’s like they were saying, “You see, folks? Iran’s got our back, and it’s not afraid to show it!”

Now, hold on tight, because the real kicker comes from none other than The Wall Street Journal. Late on Sunday, they dropped the bombshell and confirmed what we all knew: Iran’s fingerprints are all over this. And yet, the Biden administration has the audacity to spin this yarn, desperately trying to disconnect Hamas from their masters in Tehran. It’s like they’re playing a game of hide-and-seek, except the entire world can see their charade.

It’s not just Iran’s involvement in the attacks that’s causing alarm bells to ring. We must also pay close attention to the fact that Iranian actors have managed to infiltrate our very own government, thanks to President Joe Biden’s leadership and appointments. It’s like a bad spy movie, but unfortunately, it’s happening right under our noses.

Folks, we live in a dangerous world where terrorists and their puppeteers roam freely. It’s time to wake up and realize the truth. Iran is the common thread behind so much chaos and destruction, and we must take a stand against this evil regime. We need leaders who will acknowledge this reality and take decisive action to protect our nation and our allies.

Remember, folks: the truth may be inconvenient, but it’s the only thing that can save us from the clutches of darkness. Stand strong, stay vigilant, and let’s expose the real culprits behind these attacks.

Written by Staff Reports

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