Jesse Watters Blasts NY AG, Hails Trump’s NYC Triumphs!

Fox News anchor Jesse Watters didn’t hold back when it came to defending former President Donald Trump against the attacks from his fellow host Jessica Tarlov on “The Five.” Watters took aim at New York Attorney General Letitia James, highlighting her failures and shortcomings in comparison to the former president. With fiery passion, Watters criticized James for her lack of action on street crime and white-collar crime, while also slamming her for reportedly allowing the Manhattan district attorney to bring charges against bodega owners who defended themselves against criminals.

In the midst of the heated exchange, Watters made it clear that in his eyes, James had done far less for New York City than Trump ever had, claiming that her political crusades against other individuals and organizations had not translated into meaningful action for the city’s residents. Watters went on to assert that James’ inaction was driving businesses and residents away from New York, citing the departure of 160 businesses and nearly a million New Yorkers as evidence of the attorney general’s failings.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Watters also waded into the discussion over the judgment against Trump, dismissing claims that the former president had been found guilty in a defamation trial. He and his colleagues on the show criticized those who equated civil judgments with criminal guilt, pointing out that the two are not the same. In the face of pushback from Tarlov and others, Watters firmly asserted his position and urged for a more focused and respectful conversation.

The tension surrounding Trump’s legal battles didn’t end there. Watters highlighted the former president’s confident tone at a recent town hall, where Trump expressed his determination to achieve success despite the ongoing trials against him. Watters echoed Trump’s defiance, emphasizing the former president’s refusal to be deterred by legal challenges and his ultimate goal of achieving success, even hinting at plans for rallies in New York City.

Watters’ fiery defense of Trump and condemnation of Letitia James and her allies showcased his unwavering support for the former president, making it clear that he and his colleagues were not backing down in the face of political and legal battles. With passion and conviction, Watters stood by his conservative principles and rallied against those who sought to discredit or challenge Trump’s legacy.

Written by Staff Reports

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