Leftists Target Conservative Media: We Won’t Be Silenced!

Leftists are at it again, folks! They just can’t resist trying to ruin everything, and now, they have set their sights on conservative media outlets. It’s like they have a vendetta against any voice that doesn’t echo their own distorted views. The nerve of these leftists to shamelessly target those who dare to challenge their twisted narratives!

Conservative media has been a beacon of truth in a sea of mainstream media bias, fearlessly questioning the White House narrative and shedding light on critical issues like Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. While the big names in media often cozy up to those in power, conservative outlets have been the thorn in their side, holding them accountable and exposing the uncomfortable truths they try so hard to bury.

But fear not, fellow patriots! Despite the relentless efforts of leftists to censor, shadow-ban, and de-platform conservative voices, we stand strong. Conservative media is facing a pivotal moment, and the key to our survival lies in the support of readers like you. It’s a tough battle out there, but with your help, we can continue to fight the good fight against the leftist onslaught.

The leftists may think they can silence us, but we won’t back down. We need to band together and show them that conservative reporting matters. We need journalists who aren’t afraid to hold the corrupt Democrats’ feet to the fire, investigate where others won’t, and bring you the stories the mainstream media refuses to touch.

Take, for example, RedState’s bold coverage of the disturbing corruption in the LA County Department of Public Health Director’s office. Despite the tragic suicide of an employee due to bullying and retaliation, the mainstream media turned a blind eye. Only through conservative media investigation did the truth come to light, revealing a culture of abuse that has been festering for years.

We believe in diversity of thought and a marketplace of ideas. We welcome a variety of conservative opinions because that’s what sets us apart from the leftist echo chambers. While we may not always agree on everything, we all share a commitment to defeating the leftist tyranny, promoting small government, upholding individual liberty, and preserving the greatness of America.


This is Jennifer Van Laar, RedState’s Managing Editor, signing off with a challenge to all freedom-loving Americans. Let’s show the leftists that conservative media is here to stay, and we won’t be silenced. Stand up, speak out, and join us in the fight for truth and liberty.

Written by Staff Reports

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