Jill Biden Takes Lead on 2024 Trail, Sparks Debate on Real Candidate

The First Lady, Jill Biden, seems to be taking charge of the 2024 campaign trail, raising questions about who is really running for president – Jill or Joe?

Jill Biden is set to visit Greenville and Greensboro in North Carolina to talk about career learning programs at colleges and high schools. She has been traveling all over the country to promote her husband’s campaign, while Joe Biden remains out of the spotlight, even cutting his vacation short due to international conflicts.

It’s curious to see Jill in the forefront of the campaign efforts, making people wonder if she’s actually the one seeking power and control in the White House. Some argue that Jill is the one pushing Joe to run for a second term, seeking her own influence and revenge.

With Jill making key decisions like urging a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict, it’s unclear who is truly calling the shots in the administration. It appears that Joe Biden is taking a backseat while Jill and Vice President Kamala Harris take on more active roles in the campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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