Joe Rogan BLASTS Biden Admin On Possible Gas Stove Ban

After news about a potential ban on using gas stoves made headlines this week, Joe Rogan took a jab at Joe Biden. The Consumer Product Safety Commission backed off the idea.

On his Instagram, the podcaster and commentator for Spotify said he was just making fun of the idea of government agencies commandeering gas stoves. After seeing an image on Instagram that had him laughing, Joe Rogan said he was proud of the individual who posted it. In his Instagram post, he showed four men sitting next to a white stove. They were wearing green.

The news about the possible ban on using gas stoves first surfaced earlier this week.

Richard Trumka, who was Biden's nominee to be a commissioner at the CPSC, said that the agency was considering banning certain kinds of products. After news of the proposed ban spread, the agency backed away from the idea. According to Alex Hoehn- Saric, the head of CPSC, there is no plan to prevent people from using natural gas stoves.

The idea caught the attention of social media users, who shared memes and various tweets about it. In response to the growing controversy, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, posted a photo of gas stove units.

Actor Kevin Sorbo called gas stoves "bad" because they can't be remotely turned off. The Libs of TikToK also posted pictures of members of Congress using the appliances.

Ted Cruz, a Texas Senator, criticized Biden for the decision of the FAA to ground his planes. He also stated that Biden had classified materials in his private office. Cruz referred to the former vice president as a "shamed" individual after his administration suggested banning gas stoves.

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