Leftists Find A Way To Make Damar Hamlin Injury About Race

The way professional sports can bring people together regardless of their political differences is demonstrated by the way Buffalo Bills safety Hamlin was able to raise over $6 million for his toy drive after suffering a heart attack during a game on January 2. All of the league's teams and their fans were praying for his recovery.

The athletic training staff of the Buffalo Bill did an incredible job of resuscitating Hamlin for around 10 minutes before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. The game between the Buffalo and Cincinnati was not rescheduled, and the NFL held an emergency meeting to address the disparity between the teams' performances this season. It was also rumored that eight teams would be able to make the playoffs, but these plans were quickly discarded.

Hamlin was able to make a quick recovery, though it's believed that his lungs need time to heal. He was able to ask the medical staff members who won the game, and there were no memory lapses.

There are also moments in which one individual must spoil the event. Although it's a bipartisan activity, some progressives have been known to make inappropriate and unwarranted comments.

Scientific American won the "GTFO" prize for its story about Hamlin's injury. The headline of the article talked about how it highlighted the experience of African-American men in football. On the other hand, the social media version of the story claimed that the violence in the sport disproportionately affects African-American men.

Despite the regular violence that's always been a part of the sport, African-American players are still affected disproportionately. They are also underrepresented in various positions within football organizations.

In the NFL, non-white players make up around 70% of the league. In Division I football, almost half of the players are African-American. Racial stacking is also a process that involves coaches separating players based on their playing position.

Over the years, I've been studying the experiences of African-American football players in order to gain a deeper understanding of how they navigate the various aspects of the game. It's not surprising that the violence in American football is still a part of the culture. In order to perform at a high level, athletes need to be exceptional.

The men on the field are known as warriors and gladiators, and they are expected to perform at a high level when they get injured. The spectators, coaches, and leagues who rely on their performance also expect them to get through the pain.

The violent acts that occur in football are mundane, as spectators are used to seeing them happen. Consumers of the game assume that players will always be able to endure any type of physical challenge. They are shocked when the physical limits of players are exceeded.

Those who are passionate about professional football believe that the game should be played in a safe environment. They also believe that there are regulations and rules that can prevent injuries. However, this is not the case.

The injury sustained by Hamlin shows that even though the violent acts have been normalized, they still have the potential to have deadly consequences. It also highlights how African-American athletes continue to sustain this brutal system through their athletic labor.

Sociologist Billy Hawkins argues that playing fields are never far from plantations. Financial stakeholders value African-American bodies due to their physical prowess and productive potential. The league encourages and trains players to perform at a higher level in order to make money and satisfy their fans.

Harry Edwards, a sociologist, stated that African-American athletes are "used" like a piece of equipment. While I'm not aware of any studies comparing the injury rates of white and black football players, various factors such as heatstrokes, labrum tears, and ankle sprains can be attributed to how these bodies are utilized.

This trip ended with a lecture on racism. If there were more African-American executives in the NFL, the violence in the game would be less severe. Unfortunately, the players already have a lot of work to do to maintain their bodies. Besides being physically active, they also have to memorize plays and memorize the various rules of the game.

The lack of diversity among executives and coaches of black descent has been a controversial issue. However, to make this issue a part of the medical injury that has been affecting professional football is nutsbar factor six. There are also professional athletes who suffer from similar injuries.

Hamlin's injury was frightening, but not a regular occurrence. Because of this, we should all take a moment to remember that the Left is made up of insufferable clowns incapable of being non-political. The Op-Ed that was written about this issue is trash, similar to Russell Wilson's performance this season.

It's time to put the slavery comparisons aside. Professional athletes receive good money to do what they love. The practice squad and the players with exceptional talent can also expect solid paychecks.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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