Supreme Court UPHOLDS Gun Control Law In Controversial Decision

The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to block New York's gun control law from taking effect. As the legal challenges continue to play out, the court decided not to disturb the law.

The law was passed by Democrats, including Kathy Hochul, after the Supreme Court ruled last summer that a state law requiring people to show "proper cause" before obtaining a concealed carry permit was unconstitutional.

The New York Times reported that the law was passed eight days after the court ruled. It prohibits concealed carry weapons in certain locations, such as parks and churches. It also requires people who want to obtain a permit to provide their social media accounts in order to complete a character test. The law was heavily criticized by Second Amendment groups and individuals.

A panel of judges for the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the law, and they ordered expedited filings related to the lower court decisions that blocked parts of it. The Supreme Court had been considering whether to allow the law to take effect or leave in place the decisions made by the lower courts.

In response, several groups and individuals asked the Supreme Court to block the law's enforcement. They argued that it violated their Second Amendment rights.

According to USA Today, Justice Samuel Alito stated that the court did not have a sufficient view on the merits of the lawsuit. He also said that the law presented "very serious questions."

"In response, Alito issued a statement, urging people not to be discouraged by the court's order. They should instead wait for the Second Circuit to provide an adequate explanation regarding its stay order.

A federal judge in New Jersey temporarily blocked various parts of a gun control law, which was covered by Townhall. In her ruling, the judge stated that the law raises significant constitutional issues."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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