Jonathan Isaac Schools US Women’s Soccer on Morals and Merit!

NBA star Jonathan Isaac recently shared his thoughts on the U.S. women’s soccer team’s behavior during the national anthem at the 2023 World Cup. Isaac stated that the team should “do the right thing” and show their pride for their country. In an interview with Megyn Kelly on SiriusXM The Megyn Kelly Show, Isaac expressed his belief that it would benefit everyone if the players recognized the importance of representing their country with honor.

Isaac acknowledged that while the players have the freedom to not sing the national anthem or put their hands over their hearts, it is essential to understand the significance of having pride in one’s country. He emphasized that being American should bind us together as a nation and that acknowledging where we come from is not a bad thing. Isaac also highlighted the greatness of America, despite its flaws, stating that the country wouldn’t be where it is today if it had done everything wrong.

The soccer team’s actions during the national anthem have drawn mixed reviews, including criticism from columnist Megyn Kelly and former college soccer star Nikki Haley. Some argue that the team’s primary focus should be on winning the World Cup, while others believe that not singing the national anthem goes against the unspoken norms of soccer on the world stage. Overall, Isaac’s opinion aligns with those who believe that showing pride in one’s country is an essential part of representing it in international competitions.

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