West Africa Crisis: Military Coups Clash, Russia & NATO Looms Large

Things are getting worse in West Africa. After Niger became the latest country to join the ranks of coup-prone nations, the military arrested its president and other key officials.

At a meeting of the ECOWAS, the regional bloc, they decided to create a peacekeeping force to handle the various coups that have been happening in the region.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had already suspended Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso due to their recent coups. They gave Niger a week to restore its democracy or risk facing the same fate. If the coup leaders don’t listen to the group, the military might be deployed.

The retaliation is swift. The leaders of Burkina Faso and Mali warned that if the military forces of ECOWAS were to intervene in Niger, it would be regarded as an act of war. They claimed that they might be afraid that the regional bloc might carry out similar actions in their country. In addition, Guinea stated that if the military forces were to intervene in Niger, it would be the end of the organization.

The political situation in West Africa could become a proxy battle between NATO nations and Russia. As a result, Vladimir Putin, who recently became friendly with the region's leaders, agreed to help West African nations with their debts.

It’s like Russia has found a new sugar daddy. After all, these countries, which are pro-Russia, have banned the export of uranium and gold to France. Moreover, the embassy of France was attacked in Niger.

The French government is reportedly not happy about the growing political tensions in West Africa. It has already warned that it will respond to any attack on its interests and diplomats.

In response, US President Joe Biden called on the coup leaders in Niger to restore the country's democracy. He noted that the US and its allies are currently fighting against extremist groups in the region, such as Boko Haram.

Just a couple of years ago, four US soldiers were killed in an ambush in Niger. This incident serves as a grim reminder that the region is prone to instability and danger.

The situation in West Africa is getting worse, and Russia is quickly becoming a factor in the mix. Hopefully, the leaders of the region can put their differences aside and work toward preventing another violent conflict. But, for now, it seems like the good guys are getting caught off-guard.

Written by Staff Reports

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