Justice Gorsuch SLAMS Unreasonable Govt. Responses to Pandemic

Justice Neil Gorsuch, on Thursday, rightfully criticized the government’s unreasonable responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, describing them as the most significant violations of civil liberties in peacetime history. This statement followed the Supreme Court’s dismissal of a case involving red states’ efforts to uphold the Trump administration’s policy known as Title 42. This policy allowed the expulsion of over 2.5 million migrants from the border due to a public health emergency. In an extensive eight-page statement, Gorsuch condemned various abuses of emergency powers by local leaders during the pandemic. These abuses included implementing lockdowns, closing businesses and schools, and unfairly favoring casinos and other undeserving establishments while shutting down churches.

Furthermore, Gorsuch singled out the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for its employer vaccine mandate and criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) nationwide eviction moratorium. He also implied that federal agencies were collaborating with social media companies to censor the public. Gorsuch appropriately cautioned against relying solely on “experts” to make decisions regarding the pandemic and emphasized the importance of safeguarding our cherished civil liberties.

Gorsuch specifically highlighted the vulnerability of our rights, such as the freedom of worship, the ability to engage in uncensored public policy debates, the freedom to gather with loved ones, and the right to move about freely. The presence of fear and the desire for safety often lead to a call for action, which politicians may exploit, even if their response is unreasonable and results in the loss of numerous liberties. Justice Samuel Alito also acknowledged this in November 2020, recognizing that the pandemic has led to previously unimaginable restrictions on individual freedom.

It is regrettable that we have reached a point where our political leaders are leveraging the pandemic as a justification to trample upon our civil liberties. We must take a stand and demand that our rights be upheld, regardless of the circumstances. We should question the authority of experts, seek transparency, and hold our politicians accountable. The COVID-19 pandemic should never serve as an excuse to silence our voices and compromise our freedoms.

Written by Staff Reports

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