Kamala Harris Dodges Concerns Over Biden’s Debate Performance Emphasizing Policy Differences with Trump

During CNN’s debate coverage on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to downplay concerns within the Democratic Party regarding President Joe Biden’s lackluster performance. When confronted with questions about Biden’s ability to effectively counter Trump’s attacks, Harris chose to pivot towards emphasizing the President’s supposed strength on policy and substance.

Despite Anderson Cooper pointing out the disappointment felt by Democratic lawmakers over Biden’s performance, Harris continued to deflect, focusing on what she perceived as the stark differences between Biden and Trump on various issues. However, Harris failed to directly address the criticisms of Biden’s debate tactics and response to Trump’s falsehoods. 


In response to Cooper highlighting the contrast in Biden’s demeanor on stage compared to previous years, Harris stubbornly steered the conversation back to the importance of a president’s performance. She avoided addressing the genuine concerns raised about Biden’s effectiveness in the debate.

Harris further sidestepped direct questions about her level of concern regarding Biden’s performance, choosing instead to reiterate the urgency of the upcoming election. By attempting to shift the focus away from Biden’s shortcomings and towards painting Trump as a threat to abortion rights, Harris seemed unwilling to acknowledge the valid critiques of Biden’s debate performance.

Ultimately, Vice President Harris’s responses during the debate coverage appeared more focused on deflecting criticisms of Biden and highlighting contrasts with Trump, rather than addressing the genuine concerns expressed within her own party about Biden’s performance.

Written by Staff Reports

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