New York Times in Turmoil After Biden’s Debate Disaster, Pundits Call for Him to Drop Out

The liberal echo chamber at the New York Times was in chaos following President Joe Biden’s embarrassing performance in the first debate, with the Daily Caller reveling in the meltdown of the left-leaning pundits. The Times’ opinion-makers were practically begging Biden to step down from the 2024 race after twelve of their own writers unanimously declared Trump the clear winner.

John Barro didn’t hold back, bluntly stating that Biden had “failed at his key task” of proving his fitness for a second term. Not even David French could spin the debate in Biden’s favor, admitting that Trump emerged victorious by a landslide. Meanwhile, former Huffington Post chief Lydia Polgreen didn’t mince words, labeling the showdown a “debacle for Biden” and highlighting his stumbles on critical issues like abortion and democracy. 


Even Thomas Friedman, known for his ludicrous predictions on globalization, was moved to tears by Biden’s pitiful display. Friedman lamented that Biden, whom he had previously respected, was unfit for re-election and should gracefully exit the political stage. Fellow writer Frank Bruni echoed this sentiment, lambasting Biden as “incapable” of effectively countering Trump’s arguments and portraying him as visually disconnected and verbally inept throughout the debate.

In the eyes of these liberal stalwarts, Biden’s debate performance was nothing short of a disaster, with his own supporters unable to sugarcoat his lackluster showing. Trump’s dominance on the stage and Biden’s evident struggles painted a bleak picture for the future of American politics in their eyes, leaving them grappling with the harsh reality of their candidate’s shortcomings.

Written by Staff Reports

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