Kamala Harris Uses Dobbs Anniversary to Attack Trump, Ignore Pro-Life Voices

Vice President Kamala Harris is once again trotting out her favorite playbook, this time at the University of Maryland, College Park. With all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, she’s using the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision, the landmark case that finally gave Roe v. Wade the boot, to grandstand about abortion.

Predictably, this event is just another excuse for Harris to take potshots at former President Donald Trump, all while conveniently ignoring the views of millions of Americans who dare to oppose unrestricted abortion. For Harris and her camp, it’s all about fear-mongering and demonizing anyone who doesn’t toe the progressive line.

On Monday, Harris graced MSNBC’s airwaves with her presence, taking the opportunity to slap the “extremist” label on those who are decidedly pro-life. Throwing around terms like “Trump abortion bans,” she cleverly tries to paint the entire pro-life movement as a mere extension of Trump’s policies.

It’s fascinating how Harris and her compatriots never miss a chance to pivot this critical issue into a Trump-bashing session. Ignoring the complex moral and ethical dimensions of abortion, they opt for the simpler strategy of vilifying the opposition. Indeed, for Harris, everything hardboils down to big bad Trump—what a nuanced take.

As Harris continues her crusade, perhaps she’ll soon realize that calling fellow Americans extremists isn’t exactly a winning strategy. Or maybe she won’t. After all, why deal with real arguments when scare tactics and name-calling are so much easier?

Written by Staff Reports

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