Biden Administration Caught Lying About Supposed Support for Oil Industry

In a shameless attempt to save face, the Biden administration is now resorting to blatant lies about its supposed friendliness towards the oil industry. From the get-go, Biden and his cronies made it crystal clear that they had a bone to pick with American oil, even halting projects like the Keystone XL pipeline on day one just to stick it to Trump. It was all about virtue signaling and flipping the bird to the previous administration, consequences be damned.

Despite later confessing that their anti-oil stance was hurting more than helping, the Biden team continued to tout themselves as environmental warriors by relentlessly cracking down on the oil sector. Their deep-seated animosity towards oil and gas led them to make decisions that ultimately harmed hard-working Americans struggling with rising fuel costs.

Now that the public is fed up with the economic repercussions of these policies, the Biden administration is scrambling to rewrite history and portray itself as oil industry-friendly. Reports from the Washington Free Beacon expose the administration’s deceit, revealing that they have actually approved fewer drilling permits compared to the Trump era, despite their claims to the contrary. The House Natural Resources Committee didn’t hold back, calling out the administration’s deceptive tactics and highlighting the discrepancy between the data given to journalists versus Congress.

The Bureau of Land Management initially tried to spin a narrative of increased permitting under Biden, but later admissions of technical errors and revised figures showed the true picture. The oil industry, represented by Kathleen Sgamma of Western Energy Alliance, pointed out the detrimental effects of the administration’s sluggish leasing and permitting processes, warning that the full impact won’t be felt until later down the line.

This latest episode of dishonesty from the Biden administration underscores their desperation to salvage their image, even at the cost of spreading misinformation. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this administration will stop at nothing to push its narrative, regardless of the facts. And as Americans continue to feel the pinch at the pump, the credibility of the Biden team is going up in fumes faster than a gallon of gas in California.

Written by Staff Reports

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