Kari Lake Clashes with McCain Camp, Unity Bid Slammed Shut!

The late Arizona Sen. John McCain was always a source of controversy within the Republican Party, and now, the controversial figure Kari Lake, the 2022 GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate and 2024 senatorial hopeful, is at the center of it all. Lake, for electoral reasons, is attempting to make peace with the moderate McCain faction of the party and the McCain family, despite being on the opposite end of the Republican spectrum.

Lake’s attempts at reconciliation have not been well-received, particularly by Meghan McCain. She vehemently rejected Lake’s overtures with a resounding “NO PEACE, B****!” So, it seems that the McCains, who have positioned themselves as the face of moderate, reasonable conservatism, are bringing more controversy to their doorsteps.

John McCain, known for his maverick stance that often aligned with moderation and even liberalism, represented a thorn to many conservatives. His legacy, including his vote against scrapping Obamacare, leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many conservative Republicans.

Lake, who is running as a conservative firebrand for governor in 2022, has made it clear that she wants no part of McCain Republicans. She declared, “We don’t have any McCain Republicans in here, do we? Get the hell out!” after winning the gubernatorial primary. Her unapologetic dismissal of the McCain legacy doesn’t sit well with those who still promote the late senator’s moderate viewpoint.

Lake’s detractors have criticized her for her disparaging remarks about John McCain, which she later claimed were made in jest. She attempted to smooth things over, recognizing the need to unite Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to secure a victory.

However, Meghan McCain was not convinced by Lake’s changed tune and promptly rebuffed her attempts at reconciliation with a vehement “NO PEACE, B****!”

It seems that the McCain family has a no-nonsense approach to Lake’s olive branch, a stance that echoes their refusal to acknowledge the controversy that has surrounded John McCain’s legacy within the Republican Party. Lake, on the other hand, has shown a willingness to bridge the divide within the party, an effort that John McCain never undertook.

So, while Meghan McCain continues to hold a grudge, Lake has taken on the task of pulling the Republicans together, recognizing the need for unity within the party. It remains to be seen whether Lake’s efforts will bear fruit, especially as she vies for a Senate seat in what will likely be a three-way race.

Written by Staff Reports

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