Woke AI Run Amok: Google’s Gemini Bot Rewrites History with PC Images

Google's latest AI chatbot, Gemini, has found itself embroiled in controversy over its progressive agenda and inaccuracies in image generation, as detailed by The New York Post. Users have criticized the tech giant's Gemini chatbot for producing politically correct yet historically inaccurate images in response to prompts. Requests for images have yielded puzzling results, such as a female pope, black Vikings, and gender-swapped renditions of famous artworks and photographs.

For instance, asking for an image of a pope resulted in Gemini generating photos of a Southeast Asian woman and a black man donning papal attire, despite the historical fact that all 266 popes have been white men. Similarly, prompts for depictions of the Founding Fathers signing the Constitution in 1789 led to images depicting racial minorities participating in the event. Gemini defended these altered images as aiming to "offer a more accurate and inclusive portrayal of historical context.

Social media users, outraged by Gemini's progressive bias, have tested its capabilities by requesting historically accurate characters like Vikings, only to receive unexpected "diverse" versions. Additionally, the chatbot has been observed refusing to generate images resembling Norman Rockwell's style, deeming his paintings too patriotic, and even declining to depict a church in San Francisco, citing potential offense to Native Americans.

Experts speculate that the predefined constraints within generative AI systems like Gemini may have been deliberately crafted to promote a progressive agenda. In response to the backlash, Google's product lead on Google Bard issued an apology for the "inaccurate" images and pledged to rectify the issue urgently. The tech giant acknowledged that Gemini had "fallen short" in historical image generation and vowed to address the inaccuracies.

The uproar surrounding Gemini's politically correct yet historically inaccurate image generation capabilities has sparked a broad debate on the influence of progressive bias in artificial intelligence. It underscores the need for more accurate and ideologically neutral AI technologies moving forward.





Written by Staff Reports

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