Kennedy Endorses Late-Term Abortion, Sparks Backlash from Pro-Life Leaders

Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has voiced his support for allowing women to have an abortion up until the time of birth, according to a recent interview with former ESPN anchor Sage Steele. Kennedy stated that he does not believe the government should intervene in protecting unborn life during the final weeks of pregnancy and that the decision should be left solely to the woman. This has sparked a strong reaction from pro-life groups, with the President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Marjorie Dannenfelser, condemning Kennedy’s stance as “extremist” and likening it to the views of other prominent Democrats. She also noted that only a small percentage of voters agree with such a radical stance on abortion.

Kennedy’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, has tried to clarify his position by emphasizing that he believes every abortion is a tragedy and that he supports limits on abortion. She has indicated that Kennedy’s recent remarks do not fully align with his beliefs. Shanahan herself has expressed her own complex beliefs on the issue, acknowledging the importance of bodily autonomy but also stating that she would not feel comfortable terminating a viable life inside of her, especially if both she and the baby are healthy.

The news of Kennedy’s support for late-term abortions has sparked strong reactions on social media, with many expressing their opposition to his stance. The discussion surrounding abortion continues to be a deeply divisive issue in American politics, with strong views on all sides.

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