Anti-Trump Conservatives Pressured to Endorse Biden Despite Policy Differences

In the past four years, many people who didn’t support former President Donald Trump faced attacks from a group of former conservatives who always opposed Trump, no matter what. These critics refused to vote for Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections and often publicly claimed he was not fit for the job. However, some individuals pointed out when Trump did something positive, such as appointing good judges and cutting taxes for the middle class. Despite this, these ‘always-only-ever-anti-Trumpers’ relentlessly criticized those who refused to join their cause, even calling them “anti-anti”-Trump or “the balls and strikes crowd.”

Following Trump’s time in office, these anti-Trump conservatives are now being told that they must support President Joe Biden if they believe Trump is unfit for the presidency. This argument has been described as illogical, as disliking Trump does not automatically mean supporting Biden. Notably, individuals like Paul Ryan, a conservative, are hesitant to endorse Biden due to his strong anti-conservative stance and his unwavering opposition to Republican values.

Furthermore, the criticism of Trump’s presidency often ignores the extreme abortion policies adopted by the Biden administration and its hostility towards pro-life advocates. Additionally, Biden has publicly labeled anyone to the right of a certain political figure as an extremist threatening democracy, effectively alienating individuals like Ryan. Asking individuals who believe in the incompetence of Trump to support Biden, who has policies leading to inflation and a border crisis, seems nonsensical.

Presently, a new argument is being pushed by some left-wing individuals, proclaiming that those who criticize Biden’s policies regarding Israel are automatically supporters of Trump. This notion has been criticized as baseless and simply illogical. According to this definition, a vast majority of the country would be considered pro-Trump, which questions the validity and usefulness of such a classification.

Written by Staff Reports

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