Poll Reveals Independent Voters Fear Biden Re-Election May Harm Democracy

A recent survey by NPR/PBS/Marist showed that many independent voters are worried that if President Biden is re-elected, it could weaken our democracy. This is surprising because Democrats have been trying hard to paint former President Trump as a threat to democracy.

The survey found that 46 percent of all voters think Biden’s re-election would weaken democracy, while only 24 percent believe it would strengthen it. Interestingly, even though Biden did slightly better than Trump in this poll, a majority of independent voters, a whopping 53 percent, think Biden’s re-election would weaken democracy. 


These results have upset many Democrats who have been pushing the narrative that Trump is a dictator. They have been going after Trump and his supporters, but the poll shows that voters have concerns about Biden too.

The survey also revealed that only 32 percent of independent voters have a positive view of President Biden, with 63 percent holding a negative opinion. Additionally, just 33 percent of independent voters approve of Biden’s job performance.

It is clear that President Biden has some work to do to regain the trust of independent voters and reassure them that his leadership will not harm our democracy. Our nation’s democracy is precious and should not be taken lightly, so it is important for all leaders to uphold its principles and values.

Written by Staff Reports

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