Kennedy’s Bid Triggers Liberal Meltdown on ‘The View’

The potential presidential bid of Robert Kennedy Jr. causes liberals to lose their minds.
The lively panelists of ABC's "The View" were overcome with melancholy on Monday morning as they pondered the possibility of Robert Kennedy Jr. vying for the presidency.

Sara Haines, an outspoken co-host of the program, could not contain her excitement regarding the prospect of Kennedy submitting his hat into the arena. She unequivocally stated that the current year is "not the time" for an individual such as Kennedy to potentially derail the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden.

The vivacious gabfest's moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, initiated the discourse by emphasizing the concern expressed by Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom regarding the potential negative impact of Kennedy's independent campaign on Biden in the general election.

An additional panelist, Sunny Hostin, expressed "extreme concern" regarding Kennedy's candidacy and the potential disruption it could cause to the election, citing the influence of Green Party candidate Jill Stein on the 2016 presidential race.

Furthermore, one of the token Republicans on the program, Ana Navarro, chimed in with anti-Trump rhetoric, disparaging President Donald Trump and his supporters while referencing the 1992 presidential election.

Griffin Alyssa Farah Griffin joined the panel, which then proceeded to warn of the potential threat that Kennedy's prospective candidacy could pose to the two-party system.

The hosts further explored the concerns articulated by Newsom on ABC's "This Week," where he warned that third-party or independent candidates might "spoilers" the forthcoming election, in addition to discussing Kennedy. Due to the unique brand of panic surrounding Kennedy's prospective run, the staff of the Western Journal issued an urgent appeal for assistance in their efforts to defend the truth and save the nation. They emphasized the significance of the forthcoming election, the media and Big Tech's suppression of the opposition, and the necessity of uniting to defend the essence of America.

Written by Staff Reports

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