Kerry Hijacks D-Day Tribute for Climate Crusade: Shameful Agenda Push Exposed

On Tuesday, people all over the world remembered the brave Allied soldiers who died 79 years ago during the D-Day attacks. Unfortunately, John Kerry, the climate czar for the Biden government, used the solemn event to talk about his pet causes. Kerry forgot to properly thank the people who fought in World War II in a speech he gave to business leaders in Norway. Instead, he talked about climate change.

Kerry, who is known for not caring about human rights violations in China, gave an insulting speech that HotAir's David Strom called "beyond disgusting." The former Secretary of State started by thanking the brave men who fought at D-Day, but he quickly switched gears to talk about how important it is to fight climate change.

Kerry said, "Don't get me wrong, that was as much a fight for the future as anything we've ever faced, and what we're seeing now is the same." The world was now in a crucial decade, and if the wrong decisions are made, the repercussions could be worse than those of the D-Day landings.

Kerry said that the fight against climate change doesn't have a single enemy like the fight against Hitler's army. "The threat we face today comes from all of us. "It's the result of the things we do or don't do," he said.

Shipping is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases, and Kerry told people in the shipping business at the Nor-Shipping conference in Lillestrom, Norway, that they need to do something. "The simple truth is that the biggest threat to our planet right now is the pollution that comes from burning fuels without capturing the pollution that comes from those fuels," he said.

But Kerry's insensitivity and arrogance didn't end there. He then said that asking people to do more about climate change is like asking people to fight in World War II.
"This is the fight of our time," he said. A fight against greed, selfishness, false information, and open lies, as well as a fight for a world that is cleaner, healthier, wealthier, and safer."

Kerry's words are not only rude and hurtful, but they also show how extreme climate alarmists are. It is a shameful thing to compare climate change to World War II and D-Day. Also, it breaks the rule that you shouldn't compare anything to Nazi Germany.

Kerry should lead by example when it comes to doing something about climate change. He and his family often travel by private jet, which makes a huge amount of pollution. Kerry even said that private jet travel was "the only option for someone like me who is traveling the world to win this battle."

In the end, John Kerry shouldn't turn the D-Day landings into a political issue and use them to back up his unfounded ideas about climate change. It's time for him to stop pushing his extreme ideas about climate change and deal with real problems, like China's abuse of human rights and the need to rebuild our country's economy.

Written by Staff Reports

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