FBI Cover-Up: Biden’s Bribery Scandal Exposed by Rep Mace!

South Carolina Republican Representative Nancy Mace criticized the Biden administration, specifically the FBI and its director Christopher Wray, for obstructing the House Oversight Committee's investigation into the alleged criminal bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and his family. The Oversight Committee, including Mace, was ultimately granted access to the FBI's FD-1023 form, which details allegations that then-Vice President Biden received funds in exchange for favorable use of his position. Obtaining the FD-1023 form was not simple, as the FBI initially stated that the document did not exist, then only permitted its chairman to view it with redactions, and ultimately permitted its review in a classified room following a threat of contempt.

Mace believes that the FD-1023 form contains legitimate allegations of bribery and wants the mainstream media to obtain a copy so that they, too, can view the allegations against Biden and his family's finances. Mace notes the dozens of shell companies and bank records that imply money was funneled into the Biden family's back pockets from foreign countries. She even implies that Biden's recent remark "where's the money?" was a Freudian slip that revealed the location of the funds in the shell companies. The FBI provided a concise but credible FD-1023 form, and Mace hopes to obtain additional documents related to the allegations of bribery.

Given that money from foreign nationals was transferred through shell companies in an attempt to conceal its origins and destinations, the congresswoman emphasized that the Treasury department must evaluate suspicious activity reports pertaining to the Biden family and their associates. The Oversight Committee has begun unraveling this intricate web of financial transactions designed to conceal the origin of the funds used to enrich the Biden family. Mace disclosed that the FD-1023 form revealed that Ukrainian executives boasted about the large number of shell companies used in an effort to stall any investigation for years.

The concerns of Representative Mace are understandable, and the allegations against Biden and his family should not be hastily dismissed. These allegations must be thoroughly investigated by the Oversight Committee, the FBI, and other authorities to ensure that justice is served and corrupt individuals are held accountable for their actions.

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