Trump Indicted – Democrats’ Dirty Play? McConnell Silent and GOP Outraged!

In the latest effort to discredit former President Donald Trump, he has been accused of mishandling classified documents. This news infuriated House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who swiftly and unequivocally condemned this action on Twitter. McCarthy stated that it is inexcusable for a president to indict the leading candidate opposing him and that this action constitutes a blatant weaponization of power for which the House Republicans will hold the President accountable. Other elected Republicans and prominent conservatives, such as Governor Ron DeSantis, questioned the unequal application of the law based on political affiliation.

Mitch McConnell, the leader of the minority party in the Senate, has been conspicuously silent regarding this unprecedented circumstance. Given his previous statements about the New York indictment obtained by Alvin Bragg, McConnell's silence is deafening. One might have expected at least an acknowledgment of the situation, but McConnell and the entire Senate Republican leadership team have remained silent on the matter.

Clearly, the former president and the minority leader have no romantic feelings for one another. However, it must be questioned why he has remained so silent on such an important issue. It is his responsibility as a Republican and Senate leader to defend his fellow party members. Possibly, McConnell's leadership has a more fundamental flaw, as suggested by his reticence.

Regardless, it is essential that Republicans unite in defense of President Trump in the face of this brazen assault on his character and reputation. The timing of this indictment reeks of political bias and points to a larger problem within the Department of Justice. It is time for Republicans to hold the DOJ accountable and halt the weaponization of federal law enforcement for good.

Written by Staff Reports

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