Kyle Rittenhouse Launches NEW 2nd Amendment Channel

Yahoo News was the first to reveal the debut of the channel, and they mentioned in their article that they questioned whether or not Rittenhouse's channel would be permitted to remain on YouTube.

YouTube has stated that they review each channel to see if they should be kept or removed in accordance with corporate policies.

According to a statement made by a representative of the website, “We also terminate channels that repeatedly or egregiously violate our policies in line with our long-standing three-strike system. All our policies are enforced consistently regardless of the uploader.” No matter who the uploader is, each and every one of our policies will be strictly followed.

Breitbart News made note of Rittenhouse's establishment of The Media Accountability Project (TMAP) on February 22, 2022. TMAP is a nonprofit that aims to hold the media accountable for lies and defamations, and Breitbart News reported on the debut.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breit Bart.

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