SCOTUS Responds To Trump’s Mar-a-lago Request

The motion that the legal team for Donald Trump sent to the United States Supreme Court requesting that the high court participate in the legal battle over the 'secret' documents that the FBI collected at Mar-a-Lago on August 8 was handed a defeat by the court.

The Supreme Court did not grant the legal request made by former President Donald Trump, who wanted the justices to overturn a decision made by a federal appeals court and permit a special master to review around one hundred documents that had been categorized as confidential.

During the course of a criminal investigation, the Supreme Court's action may have made it feasible for Trump's legal team to examine the data and deem specific documents to be 'protected,' making them inaccessible to the prosecution. On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that effectively closed that door.

The statement from the Supreme Court was not very long:

However, however, Judge Aileen Cannon extended the deadlines for Donald Trump in the case until after the midterm elections in 2022.

Judge Cannon went on to say that the plaintiff's designations would be determined on a document-by-document basis. To analyze the merits of any claims of executive privilege, "Plaintiff shall provide a statement adequately describing the specific basis for the classification" of any document as privileged and/or personal.

As a result of the order issued by Judge Cannon, it became abundantly clear that a determination regarding the allegedly classified documents would not be made until well after the midterm elections of 2022. This infuriated members of the Democratic Party who had hoped that the case would have an effect on the election.

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