SHOCKING: 26% Of Americans Want Biden To Run In 2024

The most recent Rasmussen Reports poll finds that only 26% of potential respondents want His Fraudulency Joe Biden to seek for reelection in 2024.

It was simply stated: "Should Joe Biden seek reelection in 2024?"

Only 26% of respondents indicated yes, while a staggering 60% indicated no. Fourteen percent are unsure.

Even with Democrats, Biden is having problems. Only 44 percent of voters approved of Biden's second term, while 40 percent opposed it.

Biden faces serious difficulties among voters of color. 56 percent of people oppose Biden running for office again. Only 30% of people do. In the 2020 primary, it was black voters that gave Biden the victory.

The majority also do not think he is capable of doing the job.

How confident are you that Joe Bidden is capable of serving as President of the United States? is the question Rasmussen put to its sample of 1,000 likely voters. Only 26% of respondents say they are "extremely confident," while 17% say they are "somewhat confident." That amounts to a total of 43%.
In contrast, 40% of respondents are "not at all confident" in Biden's ability to handle the position, while another 14% are "not very confident." That amounts to a total of 54%.

In Rasmussen's opinion, Biden is not in a good position to run for reelection. Only 40% of voters would support His Fraudulency if he ran again and Trump did too.

The bad news for Democrats is that former President Trump would defeat Biden by a margin of 44 to 40 percent.

An important number from that poll is as follows: Trump would receive 29% of the black vote, compared to Biden's 49%. Democrats require between 80 and 90 percent of the black vote to win elections. Since Trump would not receive 29% of the black vote in a rematch in 2024, it would be game over for Biden and the Democrat party if he managed to sneak into double digits.

Black voters, like Hispanics, are becoming more aware of the atrocities of the warped and fascist Democrat party's rule. Democrats want to bring in large numbers of illegal immigrants who will be more submissive to their will. For legal immigrants and Americans, this lowers salaries, snatches employment, and drives up housing expenses.

Democrats are freeing up prisons from violent convicts, and black Americans are aware that any spike in violent crime will disproportionately affect them.

The worst part is that Democrats are hypersexualizing and mutilating youngsters in order to placate the irrational trans movement. Even more so than medical castration and irreversible puberty blockers, no reasonable person can support drag queens and gay porn in elementary classrooms.

No amount of January 6 Porn will be able to save the Democrat party from facing consequences.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on BREITBART.

Written by Staff Reports

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