LA Mayor Blames Capitalism for Crime Surge – Madness Unleashed!

In a recent television interview, Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass made some interesting claims about the motivations behind criminals in her city. According to Bass, it’s all about the money. She argued that the profits to be made off of crime are what ultimately drive criminals to engage in illegal activities.

Bass’s statements came in response to the recent surge in mass retail thefts happening in Los Angeles. One notable incident involved over 30 people wearing masks who stole around $300,000 worth of merchandise from a Nordstrom department store. This “flash-rob” style theft has left many residents concerned about the safety and security of their communities.

Although the new joint force comprised of the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and federal law enforcement agencies was able to make 11 arrests related to the Nordstrom incident, Bass continues to reject claims that criminal justice reform may be playing a role in the increase in crime. She firmly stated that the reforms being criticized have nothing to do with these types of crimes.

However, Bass did suggest that the online sale of stolen goods may be a contributing factor to these crimes. She emphasized that luxury items like expensive purses are not being sold in poor communities but rather online through platforms that facilitate the sale of stolen property. Bass believes that all individuals involved in these crimes, including those who sell stolen goods online, should be held accountable.

Additionally, Bass highlighted the use of bear spray by criminals as one of the “major consequences” they face if caught committing felony theft. It’s clear that she views this as a potential deterrent and a serious punishment for those engaged in organized retail theft.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, there have been at least 170 organized retail thefts, including smash and grabs, in the region between fall 2021 and August 16th. This alarming statistic further supports the need for immediate action to address the rising crime rates.

From a conservative perspective, Bass’s focus on profits as the main motivator for criminals may be oversimplifying the issue. While it is true that financial gain plays a role in criminal activities, it’s important to also consider underlying societal factors, such as drug addiction, poverty, and a breakdown of law and order. It is crucial to take a comprehensive approach to crime prevention and address all contributing factors, rather than solely blaming profits.

Written by Staff Reports

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