Trump Jr. Drops Mic on Critics: ‘People are Waking Up Now!’

Former President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is speaking out about the supposed efforts of globalists to hinder his father’s influence. In an interview with Breitbart News, Trump Jr. expressed his belief that people are becoming more aware of the situation.

According to Trump Jr., his father is seen as the “biggest threat” to the power of globalists because he cannot be controlled by them. He asserted that the globalists want a president who will unquestioningly do their bidding, but they know they don’t have that with Trump. Instead, Trump fights for the interests of what he calls “real Americans.”

Trump Jr. also accused both sides of the political spectrum, including the “uni party of Washington DC, the globalists, the RINOS,” of being threatened by his father’s presidency. He claimed that Trump’s knowledge of who these individuals are and his refusal to accommodate them pose a significant challenge to the deep state and the RINOS.

Addressing the recent mugshot of his father, Trump Jr. suggested that it has opened people’s eyes to what is happening. He cited the response from “black Twitter” and anecdotes from encounters with people in airports as examples of this awakening.

Ultimately, Trump Jr. emphasized that Trump’s campaign is not about appeasement but about seeking revenge against those who have tried to undermine his presidency. He argued that if they can do it to his father, with all his influence and resources, they can do it to anyone. Trump Jr. concluded that the system needs to be fixed, and his father’s campaign is working towards just that.

Written by Staff Reports

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