LeBron James Slammed for Disrespecting National Anthem at Son’s Game

In a recent turn of events, LeBron James, the infamous anthem-kneeler and America-scolder, found himself at the center of controversy once again. This time, it happened at his son’s first college basketball game. Apparently, James arrived late to the game while the national anthem was playing, nonchalantly strolling in with his entourage of siblings and friends. As the video clearly shows, he even had the audacity to keep his hat on while the rest of the crowd was dutifully standing with their hands over their hearts. Talk about a lack of respect for the country that has given him so much!

Conservative commentator Colin Rugg wasted no time in expressing his outrage, stating, “LeBron James casually walks into the basketball arena while the National Anthem is playing and takes a seat. Zero respect for the country that gave him the opportunity to be a basketball star. Zero respect for the country that allowed him to become a billionaire. Zero respect for the men and women who defend our country so he can live his life. Shameful.” And he’s not alone in his sentiments.

While some rushed to James’ defense, claiming this was a common occurrence during his son’s games, others weren’t buying it. It seems like a flimsy excuse to simply show up a minute or two after or before the anthem. If you’re going to disrespect the flag and the sacrifices of our servicemen and women, at least have the decency to come up with a more believable excuse.

Of course, this isn’t the first time LeBron James has found himself at odds with patriotic Americans. In 2020, during the height of the national anthem protests following the death of George Floyd, James actively participated in the misguided demonstrations and even praised Colin Kaepernick, the instigator of this divisive trend. It’s clear that James sees himself as more than just a basketball player; he fancies himself a social and political activist. But at what cost? Perhaps it’s time for James to reassess his priorities and remember the country that has allowed him to achieve such success.

Written by Staff Reports

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