Leftist activists attack conservative judge at Stanford, diversity dean takes their side.

The Stanford College Republicans have once again shown that they are not afraid to stand up for conservative principles and what is right. In a recent incident, leftist activists attacked a conservative judge, Kyle Duncan, during his speech on campus. The activists were invited by the school’s Federalist Society, but that did not stop them from trying to silence someone with a different opinion from their own.

Worse still, a diversity dean, Tirien Steinbach, chose to side with these activists and failed to refer to a transgender sex offender’s preferred pronouns in a 2020 opinion. This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and undermines the very foundations of our society.

The Stanford College Republicans did not take this lying down. They used social media to name and shame the students who ambushed and harassed Dean Martinez after she offered an apology to Judge Duncan. The protestors dressed in black and wore face masks that read ‘counter-speech is free speech.’ However, they were not engaging in counter-speech, they were disrupting and silencing someone with different views from their own.

These fascist tactics are deeply worrying and demonstrate the intolerance of the left towards conservatives. The Stanford College Republicans called out members of the university’s National Lawyers Guild for engaging in fascist behavior and rightly called for them to be disciplined.

It is a disgrace that a diversity dean would side with these radical activists rather than standing up for free speech and civil discourse. It is no surprise that the diversity dean is now on leave as fallout from the incident continues.

Conservative students should not have to fear for their safety or face harassment for holding different views. We must stand up for free speech and condemn these fascist tactics used by the left to silence conservatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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