Left’s Latest Stunt: Turning Trump’s Pat into a Push!

Another day, another attempt by the left to make President Donald Trump look like the villain. It’s like they’re trying to win a gold medal in the Olympic sport of fabricating scandals out of thin air. But come on, folks, we all know that’s not an actual event. You can’t win a gold medal for making stuff up. Maybe they missed the memo on that one!

So, what’s the latest “scandal” they’re trying to cook up? Well, it all started with a social media post from Ed Krassenstein, a well-known leftist commentator and podcaster. He shared a video clip of Trump interacting with a man at his resort in Palm Beach, Florida, and asked, “People are saying Donald Trump shoved a man at Mar-a-Lago. What do you think?” Uh-oh, here we go again with the outrage machine.

But hold your horses, folks, because it turns out that the interaction was about as exciting as watching paint dry. Many people who saw the clip thought it was just a harmless pat on the back or shoulder. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

And guess what? The man Trump supposedly “shoved” in the video quickly set the record straight. Garrett Ventry, a former spokesman for Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, confirmed that it was simply a friendly pat on the back.

But did Krassenstein back down and admit his mistake? Of course not! Instead, he gave a weak excuse, saying, “I’m just retweeting what I saw.” Nice try, Ed, but we’re not buying it. It’s clear that he was trying to stir up drama where there was none. Talk about desperate for attention!

It’s no surprise that most people saw right through this pathetic attempt at manufactured outrage. Even those who commented on Ventry’s post called out Krassenstein for his drama-mongering intentions. As one user put it, “Thank you for clarifying the obvious to the drama thirsty grifters!”

This is just another example of the left’s never-ending quest to demonize Trump at every turn. From baseless accusations of sexual assault to legal battles in New York, Washington, and Fulton County, Georgia, they just won’t let up. But sorry, lefties, a friendly pat on the back isn’t going to cut it. If you want to make Trump look bad, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that.



Written by Staff Reports

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