PC Culture Invades: GOP Rep’s Staffer Caught with Pronouns!

In a shocking twist that has conservative circles buzzing, Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Good, leading the charge at the House Freedom Caucus, has been caught red-handed employing a communications staffer with pronouns in her LinkedIn bio. We’re talking about the dreaded pronouns “She/Her” right next to her name. What is the world coming to when even the staunchest of conservatives can’t escape this new age of political correctness creeping into their own offices?

This shadowy figure known as Angelos has apparently infiltrated Good’s office since February 2023, starting as a humble scheduler before rising to the lofty position of deputy communications director by November. But wait, it gets worse. The plot thickens as Angelos swiftly removed her pronouns from the bio once the Daily Caller got wind of the situation. A likely attempt to cover up her woke transgressions or merely a rookie error? You decide.

Enter Good, the brave defender of the conservative realm, who immediately fired back at the Daily Caller for daring to shine a light on this scandal. Accusing the outlet of taking “cheap shots” at “conservative junior staffers,” Good stood his ground against the leftist media’s relentless onslaught. One can’t help but admire his unwavering commitment to protecting his team from the liberal witch hunt.

But there’s more to Angelos than meets the eye. Before infiltrating Good’s stronghold, she allegedly served time at Fox Corporation as a producer’s associate, where the sinister plot thickens. Fox, a bastion of conservative values, has a history of caving to the woke mob by using preferred pronouns and even dedicating airtime to questionable agendas like allowing a 5-year-old child to transition. Is there no safe haven left from the clutches of political correctness?

And let’s not forget the members of the House Freedom Caucus, a beacon of hope for true conservatives in Congress. With stalwarts like Reps. Chip Roy, Lauren Boebert, and Jim Jordan holding the line, one can only hope they remain vigilant against any further incursions by the woke brigade. Stay strong, patriots, for the battle for traditional values rages on!

Written by Staff Reports

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