Levin Slams Gaetz in Scathing Takedown over McCarthy Ouster!

In a scathing and no-holds-barred rebuke, conservative radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin did not hold back when it came to Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. Levin took to the airwaves on “X” Wednesday morning and let loose on Gaetz for his role in the attempt to oust Congressman Kevin McCarthy from the House Speakership.

Levin didn’t mince words, describing Gaetz as a “POS demagogue” who lied during the House floor debate and simultaneously used the opportunity to fundraise and collect email lists. Levin debunked Gaetz’s claim that the House failed to bring up 12 separate appropriations bills, explaining that Democrats wanted to spend even more money, which conservatives opposed. It had nothing to do with McCarthy’s refusal to oppose regular order.

Adding insult to injury, Levin called out Gaetz for his lack of action on the national debt. While Gaetz spoke passionately about deficit spending and the $33 trillion debt, Levin pointed out that Gaetz failed to take a regular and sustained approach to addressing the problem. Furthermore, Gaetz neglected to condemn the radical Marxists within the Democrat Party who Levin believes are actively destroying our country.

Levin wrapped up his criticism by accusing Gaetz of engaging in anarchy and using it as an opportunity to raise funds. Gaetz may be responding to his critics and continuing to fundraise, but Levin’s blistering critique leaves no doubt about his opinion of Gaetz’s actions.


Written by Staff Reports

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